Monday, November 2, 2009

Lag. La < * * * Request timed out>

Well thankfully I haven't had to deal with this too much as RL seems to have pulled me away from any significant gaming time. On Sat the 31st I logged on to Aion, and began my aether crystal gathering around Altgard. It seemed a bit laggy, I would start to extract and start to get concerned as I hadn't managed to extract 1 crystal while while my flight time was almost out. I logged out feeling a bit frustrated but figured it was the weekend, and maybe I had hit a peak.

Will I make it?

It wasn't until yesterday when I was perusing through the forums and happened to find one about lag issues and Time Warner Cable, that I even gave it a second thought. So I decided to investigate:

There were soo many threads and postings on this issue, but what amazed me was no responses from NCSoft. It was confusing to say the least reading everyone's theories about where the problem was, amongst all the support bashing, and threats of subscription canceling. Finally at 900pm on Monday the 2nd there was the first posting from NCSoft that I read on the subject:

Well last night I was finally able to log on for just a little while. And the lag was gone. I guess I'm just glad I wasn't dealing with this issue like some had for a couple days. I do have to say I was starting to grow concerned over the lack of response from support in reading the forums.


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