Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What's with all the negative waves, man?

"Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"

Ok, I have to admit that I'm getting a little concerned/annoyed about all the negativity I'm seeing being directed at AION in alot of the forums and blogs that I read on a regular basis.  Concerned because I'm somehow letting it start to affect the way I look at AION.  Call me weak in my convictions, since I know I shouldn't let it bother me, however, I can't help but wonder at the validity of some of the rants currently circulating around the internet and the impact on potential new players looking for something besides their normal fare to spend their gaming dollars on.

Syp at Bio Break takes his latest (albeit half hearted) shot at AION in his post AION: Fallen Angel   while Syncaine at Hard Core Casual nearly pees himself with delight talking about AION's struggles in one of his latest offerings; AION: Eminem's "Kim" track, final verse, final line, a post in which, like a lot of his posts, he couldn't resist plugging that POS called Dark Fall.  Maybe he just likes the game? /shrug.  I'm not attacking Syn here, because he's certainly entitled to his negative opinion (would be more credible if he played the game though) but I would think that a guy, who clings so desperately to a mediocre game like Dark Fall, would understand the life cycle of an MMO a little better and not be so hard on a game that's not even  2 months old yet.  Maybe give it a chance to develop it's own dedicated fan base?  Kind... of... like... Dark Fall... maybe?  Just saying...

And as if those weren't enough negative waves, the head primate at Screaming Monkeys decided to throw his two cents in with his AION crash and burn? post, in which he goes off all Nostradamus-like on us and predicts one of two ignominious ends for AION, all the while citing outrageous and unsubstantiated (which he freely admits) numbers.

And that's just the blogosphere.  We haven't even touched on the the forums which are, if nothing, chock full of whiny ex-WoWers, crowing about the failings of AION and how their MMO is better than your MMO and that they're going back to WoW and blah.. blah.. blah.  Two words for you my friends: Go Already!

Don't let the door hit you on the way out!

I guess I'm just having issues trying to wrap my head around why, after trying a game, and not finding it to their liking, some people have to stick around and try to ruin the experience for someone else.  It's not enough to say that they don't like a game and be done with it. Oh No.  These folks have to go and not only thoroughly trash the title, as if it had somehow just run over their dog or stole their girlfriend (yeah, right!), but then they cross the line and proceed to insult those people who have decided to keep playing the title and talk down to them as if they were some incredibly retarded dip shit... and for what?  For having the audacity to continue to play a game which they had deemed unworthy?!?  Gimme a break!

The way I see it, AION will survive.  It's not the best MMO ever, nor is it the worst.  Currently I'm having a ton of fun playing it,  and... isn't that what it's all about?


killthatcheerleader said...

Yeah i agree, dont get me wrong Im posting up some bad stuff about Aion, but hey im still going to play it because over all its a nice game which imo with a few tweaks can be a GREAT game.

People who criticise a game without playing it seems to be the norm these days. Aion is the WoW for Syncaine it seems.... until Cataclysm releases and Darkfall empties....again ;)

Mojeaux said...

I read your post about being bored and I didn't think it was "bad" stuff. Just honest. I'll probably hit a few low points when I'll need to take a break from the grind too, but I knew that going in. The other posts mentioned above, well, the authors seemed to have some sort of axe to grind with the game, judging by their posts. I'm with you though, I think it's one of the better MMO's I've tried recently and I judge that by the fact that I'm having fun.

lonomonkey said...

Um... my other post disapeared?? If I get some sort of double post I apologize.

I want to say I do not have an axe to grind with the game. I talked about my own personnal experiences and it did break my computer so yeah, my experience of the game was pretty horrible.

That said I did do a second post later on to hit on the points I liked about Aion and I did not talk down players or insult them.

But I agree, I wasn't nice with Aion and it was fully intended. It's over now and I don't expect to post that kind of post again. I said it once so I'm done :)

Finaly I blog about my game experiences. I'm not fair and impartial and never intend to be.

So lets just be friends k? :)

Mojeaux said...

@Iono - I wasn't accusing any of the bloggers mentioned of insulting other players or doing anything other than offering their opinions. The insult stuff came from the forums and chat. I love your blog and wouldn't want to be anything other than friends :-)

Kheivalo said...

Honestly I think it has a lot to do with the state of the internet in general. Because you can create a blog, or post on a forum, or comment on just about anything people feel like they need to give their opinion on just about anything.

People build games, movies, etc. up to such a degree that they can never live up to their overhyped standards. WAR was another game that was treated this way, just like Aion. The game wasn't terrible but it certainly wasn't the industry changer that some people wanted it to be. So we had to put up with whiney posts for months about how it was epic fail.

If you don't like it give constructive criticism or move on. Don't spend the next six months stalking the game yelling at people that support it.

Mojeaux said...

Well said. The pre-hype can certainly be a double-edged sword (hey, maybe there's a blog post lurking in that statement). I also fully agree with your last statement about spending six months stalking the game.

Brian Inman said...

I still play the game, and yes I do talk negatively about the game quite a bit. I try to offer fixes, or ideas, but usually people disagree with me alot on how I would make Aion better.

dothebeachball said...
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