Friday, November 6, 2009

Morheim and Mojeaux's 22

Well I finally was able to group with Mojeaux for awhile last night (almost too long as the crawl to bed began at 1am), but I do have to say it was quite a lot of fun. Here are a couple screen shots of the Morheim area.

A view looking up from Morheim with the snow falling

The waterfall next to Favyr's camp

We met up in Morheim and began our journey to start the campaign quest "Petrifying Elim".

Talking to the trees

The quest was fairly easy, kill a couple Spriggan Gatherers until an essence was dropped, run from X to Y, and back to X, and then it was complete. Then came the question of what to do next... We both had some [spy] quests but neither of us had hunted down or been through a rift yet. So we decided to go fight Elyos while trying to do the "Guardian Spirit" quest, well we didn't decided the Elyos part... they did. It was quite a jog from one side of the Morheim area almost to the other to begin the quest.

We started out just grinding the nearby spirits for the Archon Ancient Weapons, when a group of Elyos rounded the corner and I soon found my death wings out. Mojeaux soon found a similar fate and a new strategy for the evening was devised. As it seemed the area we were trying to quest in was infested with doves, we would simply grind out the rest of the evening until Mojeaux hit 22.

Grats on 22 Mojeaux!!

All in all it was a fun night of grouping. I wish we had been on the better end of the PvP, but then again we weren't hunting Elyos. Well I guess technically we were hunting the spirits of dead Elyos... but you know what I'm getting at.


Kheivalo said...

If Elyos are doves, does that make Asmos magpies?

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