Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Network Blues

The Network Nazi's have struck! Actually, the Blogspot site, which as you all know hosts this and many other blogs, has finally been blocked by the company firewall. I guess this was inevitable. Anyway, since I don't have a lot of time to squander away (I prefer to squander what little time I have playing, not posting - Tyvm!) I prefer to peck out my blog updates at work during my lunch hour or breaks. Unfortunately I cannot do that any longer due to the above circumstances. So currently I'm debating on just closing down the shop (blog)or just moving it to another host (wordpress is still accessible from work). I'm really on the fence about this too. On the one hand, I like blathering about AION, but on the other hand, I really haven't had too much to blather about between levels 22 and now, with Mojeaux at least, 25 (yep, he's in the Abyss). Currently I'm working with Morituri to get him into the Abyss and he's sitting at about 1/3 away from 24 and running between Morheim and Brusthonin completing what quest there are (I try as much as I can to not do the repeatable quests more than 2-3 times)and grinding out the remaining gap between levels.

I've noticed that a few more of my fellow bloggers have given up on the game in the space of a week or two, Pitrelli at Kill That Cheerleader being the latest. I'm saddened by this but can understand. I still believe AION to be a good, solid MMO that will be around for foreseeable future, so therefore, for the time being, it will continue to get my gaming dollars. That being said, I also believe that it is not the huge groundbreaking MMO that everyone has been seeking. I mean, as much as I like it, EQ it's not. Anyway, I will hopefully have time a little later to post again about my first experiences in the Abyss or it might just be a post letting you guys know where I've moved the blog to. Until then ... Azphelumbra!


Middea said...


Mojeaux said...

I know, right? Anyway, I think Necrotic has figured out a way around the firewall at work so we'll see. I wanted to say thank you for stopping by Middea, as well as compliment you on your excellent blog, it was one of the first I started reading when looking for AION related stuff. Keep up the good work!

MichaƂ Minicki said...

Don't give up! To paraphrase Chumbawamba - I get knocked down, but I'll get up again, you're never gonna keep me down.

I keep my fingers crossed for you to switch over to wordpress because that bold text is just burning my eyes out. But with that minor glitch, you're texts are really fun to read and I'm having great time following your character's development.

Martel @ Gorgos / EU

Middea said...

I wrote something nice and long but blogspot is evil and has erased everything I have written multiple times. GRRR. Wish it would at least let me copy/paste.

Mojeaux said...

@ Martel ~ Nooooo! You've infected not only me, but the people in my office with that Chumbawumba song! We can't stop singing/humming it LOL! I have to download it from Itunes now.

@ Middea ~ awww.. I missed out on some niceness from a fellow blogger? I'm definitely moving to Wordpress now! Well... maybe :-)

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