Friday, October 23, 2009


So this has been my new home for the past level and a half or so.  So far I have brought all three of my characters here in an effort to hit 18 so I can start participating in some BC quests groups this weekend.

Now, in order to get to Impetusium (red circle), you'll have fly to the Trader's Berth (orange circle) and then hoof it the rest of the way to Impetusium.  The Trader's Berth is a little pit stop run by  the Shugos where you will find several quests to complete, as well as a General Goods vendor, and of course the flight NPC.

 What did you just call me..?

Impetusium is a "fly zone".  A good thing too, because you'll need to fly up to the top of the structure in the middle of the zone in order to talk to the quest giving NPCs located there and to bind yourself to this location.  At first, I had a hard time deciding on whether I wanted to bind there or not.  The main reason for that was that I didn't like the fact that if I wanted to get to Altgard or Pandaemonium, or anywhere else for that matter, I had to make the run back to Trader's Berth.  However, if you don't bind there and suffer a little mishap, you'll end up with a rather lengthy trip to get back to Trader's Berth and from there, make the run back to Impetusium.  After experiencing my first mishap, I chose to bind there, but only after picking up a couple of Altgard Scrolls.  A little expensive, but a nice compromise nonetheless.

 You want me to do what..?!?

The quests given here are of your usual variety, kill 10 of these, get me 20 of that etc.  You can get these quests from both the NPCs on the platform atop the structure where the bind spot is, or from the NPCs conducting what looks like an archaeological dig at the base of the same structure.  Nothing to get excited about.  However, there is one quest in particular, where you have to kill 6 Bladestorm Spirits and 16 Cyclone Spirits in order to receive a Coin from the quest giver for each set killed.  You heard me right, you only get ONE coin per set of mobs killed.

 One sheep.. two sheep... three sheep..

Once you accumulate enough coins, either a set of 2 or 4, you can trade them into the NPC for a random piece of equipment.  On both of the occasions where I turned in 4 coins, I received a decent looking (Green) polearm useable by the Gladiator class in exchange.  It was a little disappointing in that I couldn't use it (and that I got it twice), but it was going for about 9k on the broker so it wasn't a total disappointment.  All in all, not a bad area to quest/grind at.  Plenty of mobs to kill.

That being said though, after doing it three times, I'm ready for something new.  Here's hoping that I can find some BC groups tonight!


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