Thursday, October 22, 2009

OMFG! Did I really do that?!?

Ok, so I'm a dumb ass.  Or maybe it's like my good friend, John said, in an attempt to make me feel better; "Maybe you're just getting a little confused playing three classes...".  Yeah, maybe.

Remember how I had complained that my Templar was terribly slow at leveling, or more specifically, at killing things?  Well, much to my embarrassment, I think I have discovered a major reason why.  I'm not sure how it happened, but happen it did, and not just for a level, but for quite a few (/hangs head in shame).


While shopping for skills, I found that I had missed out on getting a whole crap-load of skills, starting way back from the beginning!  OMFG!  How did I finally make that mental leap forward, you ask?

Well, when I last left Morituri, he was hanging in the Basfelt area.  I had just hit 16.   It was getting late so I had decided to log, leaving getting my new skills until the next time I logged on with Mori.  Well, that time came at about 10:30 Tuesday night.  I logged on and promptly went to Pandaemonium in search of my new skills.  Little did I know what a bitter/sweet moment that would turn out to be!

Sweet, in that I finally (OMFG!) discovered that little tab on the Warrior Class skills vendor called "TEMPLAR", and bitter in that it took me 16 levels to do it.  Prior to this "discovery", I had been buying my skills while looking under the Gladiator tab, which is the default tab when you open the vendor window.  I had always found skills to buy because each respective tab will also list any skills that are shared by both Classes,  so I had thought nothing of it.  I just bought what was available and went about my ignorant (but merry!) way.

  Die Kermit!

Well, after that little epiphany, I figured I had better check on my other two miscreants to make sure that I hadn't made the same mistake with them.  Mojeaux was fine (Ranger must be the default tab), but Crowe was not.   After much teeth gnashing and cursing,  I'm happy (and embarrassed) to report that all three are now fully equipped with the available skills (OMFG!)...  Makes me wonder what I else I might be missing.


Brian Inman said...

I almost did that myself, but noticed the tab when I wasn't seeing any spells. I am sure its happened to alot of people.

Mojeaux said...

Well, if I had followed my normal routine of researching the hell out of any new mmo I play before playing it, I would have figured it out after my first trip to the vendor. But for this mmo, I had decided to try to recapture the "new" feeling I got with EQ when it first came out. So I purposefully have avoided sites like AionSource or AionArmory. I just don't want to spoil the fun by looking up encounters or quests before taking them on in game. Now, that's not say that I won't use those sites if I get stuck ;-)

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