Friday, October 30, 2009

The Silent Caster

Now that is a scary idea. What good would a silent caster be?

But as Mojeaux pointed out to me I've been helping with the design work, but haven't contributed to the blog with any content.

--== My Aion experience thus far ==--

Road leading to Basfelt Village

Well I started out with a Sorcerer (InfiniteDarkness) and blasted my way to 13 in probably 5.5 - 6 hours. Then I hit Basfelt Village, and came to a screeching halt. I don't know if it was my gear, or just an increase in difficulty beginning there, but I was just struggling with all the quests. The mobs seemed to be resisting about 25%-50% of my spells, and my cloth armor just wasn't that great at stopping the Mau blades as I started becoming the pin cushion of the MuMu Village. In my previous MMOs I have played the pet class, but for Aion I had decided to break with tradition and try something new. Now my stubbornness had set in, and InfinteDarkeness would become the conqueror of the MuMus, Mau, and MossBears as I would forge my way through with a rain of destructive magic. Well that was the thinking for that evening....

The next morning Mojeaux asked me why I didn't just try a different class, maybe the Templar, Gladiator, Cleric, or the Spirit Master. Well the Spirit Master was off limits as I had sworn to not play the pet class, leaving me the main tank, off tank and the healer. I started thinking, "I've played the tanking classes before but never the healer, how bad could I be?" And thus Reparation was born. As I started running around the starter area, I began to realize how much more accepted the healer is. In my previous MMO incarnations, if I came across someone in trouble, I could try to beat the mob down to help, but I always had that feeling like I was uninvited guest. Now as I ran around, I could buff, and cast heals to those in trouble, and I would almost always get a thanks from the player in need.

Once again I leveled Rep up to 13 in about 5+ hours, and set my sights on the Basfelt Village, but this time things would be different... and they were. It was still challenging, but as long as I didn't aggo more than 2 mobs, I could keep myself healed while ever so slowly eating through the mobs HP. The Basfelt region had been conquered, not with the reign of destructive magic, but with healing arts, a mace and a shield... well the chain armor helped too.

Impetusium fell with rather ease, and my next challenge was the dreaded BC, and my first experience being the group healer. My first BC run was interesting trying to balance the HOTs, minor and major heals (our tank wasn't very good at holding aggro) but I made it though. I've since gone through BC 3 times, and each time I'm getting better at the group healing. I have to say the hardest part is balancing my health and the parties health, and having to make that decision that sometimes a member is going to die so I can live and heal the rest.

Well now I'm to 20, and looking forward to what Morheim has for me. The cleric I have to say has really started to grow on me, I guess we will just see from here.


Middea said...

No matter how you play it, I swear the roughest level is 21-24. 21-24 is just evil. You do almost no damage compared to how much hp mobs have, and it takes a lot of MP to stay alive long enough to slowly kill them. It's horrible.

But! there is a balance, at 25 you get spark. Spark is love. And from there on it's back to normal. :) Just got a new spark at 37 and it is also love, but no more levels that were any near as rough as 21-24 for me.

Brian Inman said...

The cleric slowly grinds out levels. I figure the low dps mixed with healing has its payoffs though.

I rarely die, or have to use pots saving me tons of money, and time running back from my bind point.

Even though the grind is slow and tedious I am probably going to be the second person in my 10 legion guild to hit 50.

I just hit 47, and see the light at the end of the tunnel, and boy is it a long tunnel.

Kheivalo said...

Wow Brian that is nuts. I admire your patience. 47 is quite an accomplishment already in this game. One the Marchutan server we have a few 40's, but I have only seen maybe one that is above the 45 mark. As for me I sit at 30 while I work on Handicrafting and make tinfoil hats to protect my brain from the aether as I grind out aether extracting.

Be sure to let me know how 50 is once you get there.

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