Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Morheim and my first Elyos sighting...

Quick update since I really haven't done or experienced much of anything in the last two nights.  For one, I didn't play at all last night and the night before that, I only had about an hour to burn.  I really couldn't accomplish too much in an hour so I decided to use that time to explore my new surroundings and reveal as much of the map as I could.  During the process I ended up seeing my first Elyos!

Quick first impression of Morheim ~ I found the fort to be, basically, another Altgard-esque type of place.  Some of the quests even reminded me of Altgard's newbie quests.  I'm not sure if it's because of my level (probably) or what, but there really weren't all that many quests available to me upon arrival. 

I followed the main road out of Morheim until I started running into mobs that were 10 or more levels above me at which point I stopped to ponder the situation and decided that discretion was the better part of valor.  So with that justification in mind ( I ain't skeered!) I headed back to Morheim in defeat with only about a quarter of the map explored.

During my trek back I decided to bolster my newly injured self-esteem (I'm telling you, I wasn't skeered!  Really!) by killing a few quest mobs here and was in the middle of killing one of them when out of the corner of my eye I saw something fly by me.  It had looked suspiciously like a Daeva.  I looked again.  OMG it WAS a Daeva... and it's name was all in RED....!!  I thought, "Oh man!  That's an Elyos!!" and so of course, I ran off like a mad man trying to follow it.  As I was running behind and below it, trying to keep up, I saw another one glide past me, this time directly over head.  

"Hmm.." I thought, self preservation entering my head for the first time (/boggle!),  "maybe I better check to see if there are more... hell, I might be chasing a freaking war party for all I know and stupidly running to my untimely death!"

The thought of alerting the rest of the nearby Asmos entered my mind for just a split second as I was turning around to look behind me for other Elyos, but the scene that greeted me assured me that there was no need of that because lo' and behold, hot on the trail of the two Elyos was a horde of bloodthirsty Asmos!  It was kind of funny too, because the scene was straight out of one of those vintage horror flicks, you know, where the mob chases poor Frankenstein with pitchforks and torches.  Anyway, the first Elyos did land, and was quickly overwhelmed, but in my haste to get to him, I ended up overshooting my landing and needless to say, before I got to the hapless Elyos, it was too late.  I'm not sure what happened to the second Elyos, if he made it or not, but I will tell you this:  My blood pressure and level of excitement shot up ten-fold when I spotted those Elyos...  Man! I can't wait to start PvP'ing!


Brian Inman said...

Yup. PvP is exciting. There is something about going into your enemies lands that make it a little more exciting than instanced pvp.

Just knowing you probably ruined someones day by killing them as they were killing quest mobs, or grinding or whatever is the best satisfaction ever.

Mojeaux said...

Hi Brian, spoken like a true pvp'er! And yeah even though I've been playing MMO's since the very early days of EQ (I think I started about 3 months after it came out) I really haven't done too much PvP'ing. I did a little in WoW and enjoyed it for the most part. I also did alot more of it in War and enjoyed that too, so I'm guessing that yes, it will be quite enjoyable.

Fulguralis said...

Just wait until you hit 25 and get into the Abyss. ZOMG it was like a dream come true. I mean, we used to hang out in Morheim just hoping a red dot would float by and give chase... but in the Abyss it's dog-eat-dog. Tons of fun.

Mojeaux said...

Sounds like it! Like I said, I can't wait! And thanks for posting your comment and including me in your blog roll!!

Quirky said...

Just wait til you're hunting in the Abyss :) So much fun and so many Elyos to kill :-P

Though lately, seems they have been hiding from the Abyss so we have to chase them down in Heiron heh.

Kheivalo said...

I know not what you mean by this...hiding. Unless you mean laying in wait for a hapless Asmo not watching his radar to walk by and then pouncing. I enjoy hanging around in the hair-like structures on Sulfur Island and waiting till I am sure they don't notice me and swooping down like a white-winged (or blue now) vulture.

I prefer to think of myself as the long-haired vulture from the Jungle Book, except with a heavy stick and high blood-pressure from screaming like a ninja in a bad movie in the 80's.

I am also enjoying the ability to jump out into an open gap and fly under and island to get away (provided you dont get locked and have enough flight time to come out the other side).

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